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W.T. White vs. Prosper Rock Hill - Boys 2022 Week 28 Basketball Highlights

Longhorns started the 2nd half up 7 and when Louis Connor jets to the basket for 2, WT White felt good about the lead.

But then Rock Hill came back by way of the dunk....first...Grant Jessen flying threw with the big one handed jam.

Then, Jessen to B J Hooper for the 2 handed stuff. But those were just appetizers for the main course

Grant Jessen was not Messin.....he drives and lays the hammer down on his defender. If they still made posters, that would be in stores tomorrow. Blue Hawks within 1.

Longhorns would not be deterred. Charles Fofanah gets to the paint, tosses it up and is fouled. He scored 21 and White up 59-54.

But with 45 seconds left, down 1, Anthony Williams with the pull up jumper...it's good. He led all with 27 points.

Free throws made it a 3 point game. Longhorns with one last chance but Dre Cole's 3 pointer is off the mark. Rock Hill would tack on more free throws to win it 68-63 and will face Kimball next week.