Aubrey vs. Melissa - Boys 2022 Week 26 Basketball Highlights

This little one thinks it's her turn to play. Mom says're time will come, cutie. Aubrey taking on Melissa

First quarter, Carter May showing the low post moves for the Chaparrals and they get the first points of the game.

But net possession May fumbles it away leading to a 2 hand dunk for Hudson Czarnecki. Big break for the Cardinals.

Then the Cardinals work it inside to Thabani Ndhiukula for 2 points.

1.8 seconds left in the half. Well that's enough time for Zac Hamilton to catch, dribble, and release from half court....its good!!!! 19-8 Chaps at the half.

Melissa would come all the way back. Kerry Alexander goes baseline and off the backboard for 2. Cardinals win this in overtime, 63-55.