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Stephenville at Melissa - 2020 Week 4 Football Highlights

Up in Melissa the Cardinals welcomed in the Stephenville Yellowjackts in what would be a good one. Melissa strikes first when Antonio Robinson takes the jet sweep around the right, makes a few cuts and he gets down to the Stephenville 5 yard line before being shoved out of bounds. A few plays later, the Cardinals grab the early lead when Parker Traylor finds Colton Wittwer for the 4 yard touchdown, nice start for Melissa. The Cardinal D makes a play, Stephenville's Gavin Rountree air-mails his receiver and Carlos Branch secures the INT after a little bobble, great concentration by Branch.
Melissa goes to the air once again when Sam Fennegan hits Robinson down the seam and then watch the spin by Robinson to free himself up and stroll to the endzone for the score, GREAT play. The Yellowjackts fight back, Kason Phillips goes up the middle from 9 yards out and gets in the endzone, great night for Phillips as he runs for 205 yards and 3 scores. But on the ensuing kickoff, Melissa's Chanse Holiday takes the kickoff off the bounce and shows ALL the skills, balance, power, and then the speed, 81 yards to the house on a TERRIFIC return, we thought this game would be good and boy were we right, Melissa gets the win in a shootout 65-58 over Stephenville.