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Anna at Wichita Falls Hirschi - 2020 Week 1 Football Highlights

The Anna Coyotes and Head Coach Jason Heath trying to pick up their first win of the season as they take on Wichita Falls Hirschi

First quarter, Coyotes down 7-0 but on the move. Bubble screen from Josh Packard to Zachareus Gentry goes 33 yards to the Husky 22.

And if it works once, try it again. Same play from the 20 and this time Gentry gets in the end zone to tie it at 7 and momma is pretty happy.

Later first, looks like Packard is trying the same play, but it's covered nicely, he rolls out but TCU commit, Chris Murray, knocks the ball loose and Keyshun Jackson is there for the 50 yard scoop and score, putting Hirschi up 14-7.

Early 2nd quarter, the turnover bug strikes again. This time Byron Tucker looks like he might be down, but coughs it up and Jewel Fletcher goes 17 yards for the score. 21-7 Huskies at the half.

Second half, just to give Horned Frog fans a taste of what they're getting, Murray blows up this play in the backfield. This kid's going to be a good one. Hirschi drops Anna to 0-2 with the 28-13 win.