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Southlake Carroll vs. Byron Nelson- 2020 Week 9 Football Highlights

Windy night as Byron Nelson tried to pull the upset of Southlake Carroll Thursday. Dragons offense started off great. Quinn Ewers waits in the pocket and then launches a pass right on target to Landon Samson. That's a 51 yard score and with the 2 point conversion it was 15-0.
Second quarter, looking to add to that total, Ewers connects with Josh Spaeth, but the Bobcats Mike Jones decides he doesn't want Josh to have the ball anymore, so he just takes it from him and he's gone the other way. Brought down in the red zone where Nelson would later score. Lead cut to 15-7.
However Carroll's offense really started clicking the rest of the way. Owen Allen with 156 yards and 2 touchdowns as the Dragons take care of business 57-21