Richardson vs. Lake Highlands - 2022 Week 23 Basketball Highlights

Sold out game for Richardson and Lake Highlands Tuesday, but they made room for Kentucky coach John Calipari, there to watch Richardson's Cason Wallace.

Wallace with the outlet to Rylan Griffin for the dunk, and the Eagles were out to a 28-8 lead in the 2nd.

A few minutes later, Wallace on the break, misses the layup, but Griffin is there with the follow-up dunk! He scored 30 in this one.

Just before halftime, Lake Highlands' 5-star sophomore Tre Johnson pulls up for a little fadeaway and hits it. Wildcats trailed by 19 at the break.

Third quarter, Wallace drives hard to the basket, extends his right arm and scores! He didn't get the foul call, but the lead was 21.

Right after that, Johnson cuts to the basket and nearly dunks it. He finished with 37 points to lead all scorers.

Late in the third, Wallace chases down a fast break and ends it with a nasty blocked shot. It turned into a 3-point play on the other end for Griffin, and Richadrson wins this one, 85-78.