Inside High School Sports DFW | Plano vs Plano East- 2022 Week 20…

Plano vs Plano East- 2022 Week 20 Basketball Whataburger Game of the Week

These are two great teams with only one loss between them -- 20-and-oh Plano against 17-and-1 Plano east.

At the end of the first half ... the Wildcats get the last shot, and it's MAKHI DORSEY in the corner with the 3-pointer ... and a 27-13 halftime lead for Plano.

DORSEY was doing it on both ends of the court. This is one of his four steals, leading to a layup, part of his game-high 17 points.

Moments later, Plano gets the ball to one of their big men KADEN STUCKEY, and the shot goes around and in! The free throw gave Plano a 20-point lead in the 3rd quarter.

East got a little something going right after that with back-to-back 3-pointers, this one from ETHAN MOSS to cut the lead to 14.

But Plano got *another* buzzer beater just before the end of the third quarter. It's ELIJA BROWN with the three, and *another* win for Plano. They're 21-and-oh after beating East 64-44.