Duncanville vs. Cedar Hill - 2022 Week 21 Basketball Whataburger Game of the Week

A good crowd on hand to see this district 6-11 showdown.

Longhorns jump out quickly when Jason Justice hits the step back 3 pointer, this kid can flat out shoot it, he finished with a game high 41!! Wow!

But then the Panthers start to do their thing, here Ron Holland gets the ball after the steal and he throws that down with ease.

More Panther D and more Holland, after another steal this time he throws it down with some AUTHORITY!! and he wasn't done playing above the rim.

Here Holland blows past his defender and then skies over another for the one handed hammer!!! man this kid is fun to watch.

2nd half action now and more Holland, Cameron Barnes misses his shot but LOOK OUT! Holland comes flying in for the NASTY put back, the junior Holland finished with 19 points in this one.

Then Anthony Black starts to get involved, Evan Phelps gets the steal, gets it ahead to Black and he rocks the rim with a 2-hander.

These 2 would hook up again in the half court set and Black flushes home another one, Black had a very nice game as he finished with 31.

And then Holland would finish off the Longhorns with more high flying action when Davion Sykes throws the lob to Holland, man is this Duncanville team is fun to watch, they get the win over Cedar Hill by the final of 106-85.