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John Paul II v. Plano Prestonwood - 2022 Week 26 Basketball Whataburger Game of the Week

The Cardinals lost by 1 point the last time these two played. They were looking for revenge Tuesday night.

Second quarter. Check out this dribbling display by the Lions Vincent Sigona...then he goes baseline and kicks it to Nate Stafford for 3 of his 15 points to tie the game at 13.

Sigona's next pass....well that's not as good.....Gabe Warren steals it and goes in for the one handed rim rocker. Warren with 21 points and John Paul led 30-19 at the half.

Second half, sophomore Liam McNeely dribbles to his spot and connects on a 3 pointer. He finished with 15 points for the Cardinals. And that got the kids dancing

For the Lions, here comes Sigona again.....nice steal then goes behind the back and throws it up over his head for the bucket. WOW!!! What a shot, but they still trailed 41-33 after 3.

Big sequence in the 4th. Coco Escheik gets blocked by Eli Obaseki, then McNeely blocks another shot and we're going the other way. Warren looks to have a layup...he loses it, but Kauf Ofri puts in the miss and is fouled putting John Paul up 10

Lead was cut to 5 with a minute left by R J Jones hits the key corner 3 and John Paul wins it 57-49 to earn a share of the district title with Prestonwood. After the game, the Cardinals said revenge was definitely on their mind.