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Plano East vs. Lewisville- 2020 Week 10 Football Highlights

Defense was the name of the game when Plano East took on Lewisville........just most certainly was not. First quarter, Farmer quarterback Taylen Green rolls out and finds Brent Allen for a 31 yard touchdown. Green was 26 of 30 for 394 yards and 6 touchdowns.....Panthers tie it up, this is Ismail Mahdi (Ma-dee) in the Wildcat. He changes direction at the line of scrimmage and has a clear path for the 57 yard touchdown. Mahdi with 339 yards rushing and 5 scores.

Farmers get it back and then score. That's Green on the keeper. The Boise State commit accounted for 7 touchdowns as Lewisville racked up 637 yards of offense. Mahdi trying to answer back at the goal line but he coughs it up....Lewisville recovers and they go on to win 56-42"