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Parish Episcopal vs. John Paul II - 2022 Week 21 Basketball Highlights

Parish Episcopal with a tough game Friday night, playing at John Paul the Second high school.

JP2 does it on both ends of the floor .... first with the blocked shot by LIAM MC-NEELY or ELI OBASEKI or both ... and then in transition ... it's the sophomore MC-NEELY shaking up his defender and taking it to the basket for 2.

Later in the first quarter, Parish got a spark off the bench from QUAN BYERS, who took a pass from TJ MITCHELL and scored with the left hand.

But this game was all Cardinals. MC-NEELY with the no-look pass inside to GABE WARREN for the easy two points.

JP2 led 31-5 after the first quarter after a buzzer-beating three-pointer from NATE DAVIS, and they go on to win by 50, 91-41.