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Naaman Forest vs. Garland - 2022 Week 23 Basketball Highlights

Zuby Ejiofor is the best player in Garland, and Garland is the best team in district 9-6A.

The Kansas commit is 6-8, but if you're going to leave him open for a 3, he'll hit it. EJIOFOR from the corner for an early Garland lead.

The atmosphere was electric at Garland's gym, even in the first quarter. When AUTAVIUS HOBBS drilled this corner three, the Naaman fans went nuts. It was like that all night.

Moments later, Garland running the fast break. KOBE BRATTON gives it to EJIOFOR for the 2-handed dunk. The Owls led 16-13 after the first quarter.

Naaman gave Garland a run for its money. JUSTIN WHITMORE hits the little free-throw-line jumper late in the 2nd half to cut the lead to 7.

This game stayed close throughout, but Garland would get the win and stay undefeated in district, 62-57 was the final.