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Lewisville vs. Arlington Lamar - 2020 Week 7 Football Highlights

Boise State commit and current Lewisville quarterback Taylen Green led his team against the Arlington Lamar Vikings Friday night, and whata game it was. Pick things up with Lewisville down 7, the give to Damien Martinez and watch as he just PUNISHES tackers on his way into the endzone, tough running there. Vikings answer right back when Cade Carlson gets flushed out of the pocket, then hits Jaylon McCoy who FIGHTS for the ball, gathers it up and then he's GONE, 73 yards on the touchdown, back and forth we go. Carlson 21 for 31 for 330 yards passing for the Vikings QB.

Back come the Fighting Farmers, Green back to pass and throws a BEAUTY to Armani Winfield and he would stroll in from there, Winfield another top prospect for this Lewisville team will have his choice of top college programs in the country when the time comes. But the Vikings wouldn't go away easily, Carlson here stretches across the goal line for the 6. Then its Carlson again, this time from 30 yards out to bring Lamar within 3, Carlson rushed for 2 scores while also throwing for 3, great game by the Vikings QB. But then Lewisville puts together a game sealing drive, here Martinez goes 23 yards dragging defenders with him as he gets to the 2 yard line, Martinez 171 hard fought yards on the night. Then Green puts this one in the W column when he dives in from 2 yards out, what a line for Green as he throws for 314 yards and 2 touchdowns, rushes for 122 and 2 scores, Boise State is gettin' themselves a good one, Lewisville wins a wild one over Lamar 51-41.