Jesuit at Richardson Pearce - 2023 Week 3 Football Highlights

Pearce pulled out all the stops for their game against Jesuit. They lined up just about everyone out to the left, which left their big man Jewlyn Roberts one-on-one with a defender - Pearce would score to tie the game at 24.

Pearce scored again to go up by 7, and Jesuit responded with a big play. Charlie Peters completes it to Cooper Cutler, and he is off to the races. It's a 62-yard gain, setting up a touchdown to tie the game at 31.

Jesuit scored again to take the lead, but Pearce came right back with a short touchdown run from Andrew Casagrande - his third of the night - with just 47 seconds left in the game.

Pearce decided to go for the win - so they went for two, and it's their big man again, Jewlyn Roberts, who gets into the end zone for a 39-38 lead.

But Jesuit was able to drive downfield and set themselves up for a 27-yard field goal, and it's good! And that's a winner for Jesuit, 41-39.

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