Argyle at Melissa - 2023 Week 1 Football Highights

It was a party in Melissa as they debuted their brand new, 35 million dollar Kenny Deel Stadium Friday night against perennial power Argyle. And Eagles Quarterback Maguire Gasperson will be the answer to the trivia question "Who scored the first ever touchdown at Melissa's new stadium?" This one yard plunge made it 7-0 Argyle. But the rest of the game was all Cardinals. Here's big D K "Peanut" Abrams, the McKinney transfer, with 1 of his 3 touchdowns. 15-7 Melissa. 2nd quarter, Melissa Quarterback Trever Ham does deep to sophomore Austin Goosby....what a catch....that's a 43 yard gain. And the Cardinals would dominate the line of scrimmage. Opening holes for Nathan Adejokun (Add-uh-Joe-kun) who ran the ball 31 times for 231 yards on the night. Capping off the first half with this 10 yard touchdown run around the left side. Melissa hands Argyle their worst loss in the Todd Rodgers era, but beating the Eagles 50-14. Subscribe to DFW Inside High School Sports to stay up to date on everything high school sports related in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Follow us on Twitter: Visit our website: #ihss #txhsfb