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Highland Park vs. Rockwall - Game of the Week

There's the Cat in the Hat, Randy Allen, and he had his Scots ready to go on this night. First possession for Highland Park and they get it to the 16 where they let ""Bond....Brooks Bond"" do his thing....that's a touchdown and the Scots were on their way. 2nd quarter, Highland Park up 14-0, and Brayden Schager, the Hawaii pledge, throws in the flats to Bond who gets in and it's now 20-0. Next possession, Schager takes the snap at the 15.....sees no one open.....and takes off to the pilon. Thats a 15 yard score and the Scots are up 4 touchdowns.

But with 2 seconds left in the half, the Yellow Jackets find themselves on the 15 yard line. One last play and Bradyn Locke feels the rush and watch him as he looks like he's just blindly throwing it in the end zone, but Caden Marshall is there for the touchdown and gave the Rockwall fans something to cheer about. 26-9 Highland Park at the break.

That was about the end of the cheering for Rockwall. Schager, who threw for 315 yards, hooks up with Crockett Corwin for a 30 yard touchdown. Highland Park stymies Rockwall 46-18.