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Game of the Week - McKinney Boyd vs. Prosper

McKinney Boyd locked into a playoff spot, but Prosper hoping ""the beat would go on"" for them needing a win to make it.

3rd quarter, Prosper down 22-16, but driving. Jackson Berry started using his feet. This 12 yard run got the Eagles down to the 6. And if it worked once, it'll work again, Berry goes in from the 6 and Prosper has the 23-22 lead and things are looking good for a playoff spot. But if Eagles were moving it on the ground, the Broncos went to the air. Ryan Shackleton to Dominique Stevenson for 24 yards to close out the 3rd. Then same drive in the 4th, Shackleton to Carter Whitefield for a 13 yard score. 2 point conversion no good, so Boyd was up 28-23. Prosper with the ball and under 4 to play and here they come. Berry unloads one and watch the diving catch by Keaton Nickerson. That's a kid who wants to play in the post season. 1:37 left, Berry again with the beautiful fake and takes it in from the 4. Prosper is heading to the playoffs with the 29-28 win. They'll face Flower Mound Marcus in the first round