Frisco vs. Frisco Liberty - 2020 Week 10 Football Highlights

Nearly a full moon rising over Toyota Stadium as the "OG's" in Frisco - the Frisco Raccoons - took on Frisco Liberty.Frisco had the ball first and scored first, on a 49-yard run by Bradford Martin. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it, and the Raccoons had a 7-0 lead just a couple minutes into the game. Liberty's big quarterback had a big run to get his team on the board ... and this was definitely a "team" touchdown. Keldric Luster gets inside the five, and his friends shoved him into the end zone to make it 13-7 Frisco. 2nd quarter now ... Frisco driving again, and how does a player *this* good get this wide open? Chase Lowery is all by himself for this touchdown.Lowery had a fumble recovery, a touchdown, and an interceptions -- all in the first half! Frisco beats Liberty 39-19.