Forney vs. Highland Park - Boys 2022 Week 24 Basketball Highlights

Meanwhile Highland Park was at home with the top spot in 13-5A on the line as they took on Forney. The Scots would jump out to a quick 10-0 lead in this one as Alex Taylor drivers and dishes to Luke Hardenburg for the deep 3!

Forney would settle down and cut it to 4 heading into the 2nd quarter as Nick Bene is off the mark but Jacob White is there for the putback, Highland Park still up 20-16...

They would keep their foot on the pedal though as Rhoades Crow with the nice dribble hesitation gets to the rim with ease.

Then it's good defense leading to more in transition as Highland Park's Coleson Messor corrals the rebound and outlets it to Crow and he does it again, finding very little resistance from the Forney defense, they lead this one from start to finish, 75-47 the final.