Faith Family vs. Silsbee - Boys 2022 Week 29 Basketball Highlights

Faith Family fans were loud and accounted for in their 4A semifinal with Silsbee

The Eagles started off on fire. check out Brandon Walker throw the alley oop to T J Caldwell...if he would've dunked that it would've brought the house down, but it counts for 2 points nonetheless.

Then Walker works the baseline for 2 of his 13 points. Faith Family was up 18-6 early 1st quarter.

Eagles were running and gunning the entire first half. J T Toppin with the one handed floater from the baseline. 20-9 after 1.

2nd quarter, Caldwell goes into the paint and scores on the nifty layup. 18 points for Caldwell and Faith Family led 39-31 at the break.

3rd quarter, the Tigers would press their way back into the game and when Dre'lon Miller scores on this layup. Silsbee was only down 1 with less than a minute left.

However, Faith Family would hit 2 3 pointers in the span of 15 seconds, one here by Isaiah Jones, to extend the 1 point lead to 7 after 3.

4th quarter, the Eagles would break the press. Jones throws the outlet pass and eventually Toppin gets it for the one handed stuff. Faith Family wins it 70-62 and moves on to the 4-A state final.