Denton Guyer vs. McKinney - 2022 Week 23 Basketball Highlights

12th ranked Denton Guyer and UNLV commit KyeRon Lindsey hosting 8th ranked McKinney

McKinney's 4-star junior Jakobe Walter knocks down a long distance connection as he was just getting started on would be a huge night.

Jeremiah Green is one of two outstanding freshmen for the Wildcats. This tough bucket and foul helped him to 13 points.

Then, with time running out in the first quarter, Connor Newton with the top of the key 3. 20 points for Newton and Guyer up 11 after 1.

Walter had an amazing night. Check out this contested deep jumper. Walter finished with 49 points!!!!!!

Wildcats would finish the first half with some flare, Newton drives the lane and lobs it up for Lindsey for the one handed alley oop stuff.

Then, Jace Wilson loses the ball on the drive. No worries. Lindsey with another one handed stuff. 29 for him and Guyer hangs on to the 83-81 victory.