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Wylie vs Lakeview Centennial - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

Wylie's Kobe Wiggins has led the first-place Pirates all year as they take on Lakeview Centennial (second place).

ELIJAH TAYLOR is another Wylie player who's tough to guard... he's quick, and he got to the basket for two points here. Wylie up 17 at halftime.

WIGGINS at the top of the key, then explodes to the basket and finishes with the layup. The Pirates had the lead out to as many as 19 points in the 2nd half.

The Patriots wouldn't go away. DONTE HOUSTON JR. drove and dished to CEDRIC BRYANT. The lead was down to 9 with still 6 minutes to play.

But Wylie and Wiggins wouldn't let them get any closer than that -- at least not until the final minute -- and the Pirates get the win, 55-47.