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Waxahachie vs. Cedar Hill - 2019 Week 5 Football Highlights

And there is Salter getting himself psyched up to take on the Waxahachie Indians.

Waxahachie strikes first when Campbell Sullivan roles right and throws a dart to Brandon Hawkins who was all by himself in the endzone, that put the Indians up 10 zip on the Longhorns.

Sullivan to the air again AND to Hawkins again, this time from five yards out, Hawkins with 15 grabs for a "buck 86" and 3 touchdowns.

But Cedar Hill finally gets it going, here Salter hands to Corie Allen and he bust threw the line and he's gone, 48-yard house call, Allen with 180 yards and 2 scores on the night.

More Longhorn run game, here Salter gives to Kevin Young and he powers his way in from 6 yards out.

And after the slow start, Cedar Hill gets the win over Waxahachie 63-34.