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Saginaw vs Birdville - 2019 Playoffs Week 1 Football Highlights

The Saginaw Rough Riders took on the Birdville Hawks Thursday night in a good round 1 matchup.

Birdville's Demarye (dah-ma-ree) Walker finds the whole, makes a cut and he sets sail for 6, 37 yards to the house, Walker finished with 249 and 3 TDs on the ground.

Saginaw quarterback Kameron Williams drops back, can't find anyone and decides to take off, good idea, as he weaves his way 44 yards for the touchdown as his Rough Riders keep pace with the Hawks.

Birdville defense would seal this one, Williams back to pass but Damon Lewis Jr. gets there for the big sack to halt the drive AND the Rough Riders as Birdville gets the hard fought 34-27 win