Inside High School Sports DFW | Royse City vs. Ennis - 2021 Week 10…

Royse City vs. Ennis - 2021 Week 10 Football Whataburger Game of the Week

Royse City was looking to win their last home game of the season but Head Coach Sam Harrell and his visiting Lions would be no easy task.

Pick things up 3rd quarter, Ennis' Dee Johnson takes the handoff and pounds his way from 4 yards out, some tough running there, this put Ennis up 26-6.

But Johnson was not done, here he takes the rock and after he breaks through the initial surge it's GOODBYE!! 77 yards to the house, the Lions' rushing attack in this game was simply unstoppable.

More Ennis ground attack here, this time its Devion Beasley who takes the direct snap and just walks right in for the score, Ennis putin' the hammer to the Bulldogs.

But Royse City not going away quietly, here Ahmon Dozier bounces wide to the left and races down the sideline and in for the score, Dozier with 142 on the ground.

But this night belonged to Johnson and the Lions' ground game, Johnson makes this 24 yard TD run look pretty easy, in all, Johnson finished with 314 yards rushing and 3 TDs, not too bad, Ennis ended up with 474 as a team, it all added up to very impressive 48-20 win over the Royse City Bulldogs, coach Harrell liked what he saw of his team...