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Rockwall vs Rockwall Heath - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

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Rockwall Heath paying tribute to Kobe Bryant, freezing the clock at 8:24 throughout the pregame warmup.

Taking on rival Rockwall Tuesday, CHANDLER DICKINSON scored 12 points on 4 three-pointers for the Hawks. It was tied 6-6 early.

Rockwall had control of this game early, and WILL BARTOSZEK knocked down a corner three, to give the yellow jackets a 3-point lead.

Early in the 2nd quarter, Rockwall took a 10-point when CADEN MARSHALL hit a 3. The Jackets scored 18 in the first 8 1/2 minutes, but only 27 points the rest of the way.

The Hawks turned up the defense -- check out this block from KAMERON PRUITT!

later, PRUITT turned some defense into a dunk. He led all scorers with 13, and Heath beats Rockwall 46-45.