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Rockwall vs Mesquite - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

Lancaster began the week as the number 1 team in class 5A, taking on Poteet Tuesday.

From the opening tip, Tigers senior Mike Miles was attacking the basket. He scored the game's first two points on a drive that ended with him on the ground.

Moments later, a nice sequence leads to an easy basket, as MARCO FOSTER passes to JALEN WILLIAMS for an easy layup, and it was 14-3.

I mentioned Miles ""attacking the basket...?"" THIS is how you attack the basket - the rim rocking dunk. Miles led all scorers with 27 points.

Poteet didn't get many open looks in this game, but here's one, and JEREMIAH WELLS hits the corner 3.

But the Tigers were putting on a show - WADE TAYLOR throws the alley-oop to CHRIS WASHINGTON - and they beat Poteet 83-49.