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Rockwall Heath vs McKinney North - 2019 Week 4 Football Highlights

McKinney North quarterback, Dillon Markewicz has thrown 12 touchdowns and no picks on the year as the Bulldogs took on Rockwall-Heath.

As expected, this game was a shootout. Markewicz with a 70 yard touchdown pass to a wide open Noah Ford. McKinney North led 21-7 early 2nd quarter and Markewicz finished with 289 yards passing.

Heath has a high powered offense as well and on this play, Zach Evans goes 36 yards for the touchdown to cut the lead to 7.

But the Bulldogs were averaging 54 points a game coming in to this one and they hit that average and then some. Markewicz to Ford again for the touchdown. 3 td's for Ford as McKinney North wins 56-34