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Parish Episcopal vs John Paul II - 2019 TAPPS Texas High School Football State Final Highlights

Former Cowboy George Teague now coaches John Paul the second and helped them end a 58 game district losing streak. Now they are in the D-1 final against Parish Episcopal

First quarter, former bobblehead winner Preston Stone throws the screen to Christian Benson and he bounces off defenders for a 29 yard score. Panthers led 21-7 early.

Second quarter, John Paul's Grayson James throws it up for Shunte Nettles in stride and Nettles is gone. That's a 70 yard score and we have a one score game at 21-14.

With a minute left, Stone starts using his legs. This is a 17 yard run to the pilon and he scores. Parish Episcopal led 28-14 at the half.

Second half, while the Panthers defense was shutting down John Paul, Stone was putting up points. This is a designed draw that goes for 54 yards and a score. Stone ran for 146 yards and 3 scores as Parish Episcopal wins the Division 1 title 42-14.