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Parish Episcopal vs All Saints - 2019 Week 4 Football Highlights

All Saints has one of the best O-linemen in the country, unfortunately Tommy Brockenmeyer is sitting 2019 out after suffering a shoulder injury

Parish QB Preston Stone buying time, trying to find an open guy however All Saints Calmyn Layne has other ideas, he steps in front for the INT and then takes it back for the house call

more All Saints D, Parish Episcopal on to punt but the kick is blocked and Elijah Posiulai (poe-sue-you-lye) with the scoop and score from 45 yards out, whata start for All Saints

back comes Parish, Stone cuts loose on a beauty to Evan Greene and then Greene tosses his defender aside and cruises in for the 58 yard TD connection, nice play

4th quarter, we're tied at 17, All Saints QB Hamp Fay calls his own number and dives in for the score giving All Saints the win over #1 ranked parish Episcopal, your final score 24-17