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OD Wyatt vs Arlington Heights - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

Fort Worth ISD has the 5th ranked 5-A team in the state in OD Wyatt. The Chapperels took on Arlington Heights Tuesday.

First half, that's Damon Gentry Junior playing the role of pick pocket and he goes all the way for the easy layup.

The Chsps were led by Marcell McCreary on this night. Off the turnover, McCreary with the give and go with Bobby Flowers. McCreary with 21 points to lead OD Wyatt.

Arlington Heights tried to stay in it behind Dre Benard as he goes in amongst the bigs and gets the hoop and the harm.

OD Wyatt would remain undefeated in district play. That's Darkwan King with the low post moves. Wyatt wins it by 20, 73-53