Midlothian Successful Even While Going Through Heartache

It’s one of the more unique offenses you’ll see in 5-A Texas High School Football, but the Midlothian Panthers run the Flexbone about as good as it gets.

Coach Doug Wendel became head coach at Midlothian 8 years ago and installed the offense immediately. With multiple running backs in motion on almost every play, the flexbone can often confuse an opponents defense and lead to big gains. Which is why the Panthers average over 210 yards a game.

With several different options, the Panthers don’t have a single rusher honing in on a thousand yard season. Instead, there are 4 players with over 400 yards on the ground. It’s truly a selfless attack built to showcase Midlothian’s “team first” mentality. The kind of mindset that freshman head coach, Clif White, personified from the second Wendel stepped on campus nearly a decade ago.

However, this past May, Coach White was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Never asking “why”, but only asking what he can do to get better, Coach White pressed on. Continuing to come to practices even when he needed to bring an oxygen tank with him. Sadly, Coach White lost his battle with cancer last Saturday night, but not without leaving a lasting impression on those he left behind.