Gavin Mathis Overcomes Several Injuries to Continue His Journey with Boswell Football

Boswell’s offense is clicking on all cylinders. In their first 5 games, they’ve averaged over 40 points a contest. Sawyer Farr has thrown for over 1,000 yards for the Pioneers, but if you take it back 3 years, he’s not the guy they thought would be behind center. Gavin Mathis was gifted with a strong arm and when the Pioneers moved up to 6-A in 2020, Mathis looked like he’d be the starter for the next 3 years.

But then….fate stepped in.

It was a torn ACL and after a grueling 8 months of rehab, Mathis came back, but this time as a receiver. But then… 2 games into the season… it happened again.

Mathis was ready to give it up. Was it worth it to go through the agonizing rehab one more time? But that’s when his support group stepped up.

So Gavin is back as the Pioneer's backup quarterback and wide receiver. He’s not only one of the biggest leaders on the team, but Mathis has been an inspiration to everyone in the Boswell locker room