Mansfield Lake Ridge vs Mansfield Timberview - 2019 Week 3 Football Highlights


Check out Mansfield Lake Ridge coming out to the green smoke....I like it. However they trailed Timberview by 20 going into the 3rd

That's when they went to the bag of tricks. Halfback option and Joshua Bowie hits Cotis Martin for a 29 yard score, but the Eagle defense could not stop the Wolves running game.

On 4th and 1, that's Montaye Dawson for the 35 yard touchdown, 51-24 Wolves, and doesn't Lake Ridge Head Coach Kirk Thor look like he's about had it with this game

Unfortunately Timberview wasn't done. Check out the hurdle from Najee Ellies for extra yardage. Wow.

Then Deuce Jones with the 20 yard touchdown run for his 3rd score of the game. Timberview gets their first win of the season with the upset over Lake Ridge 64-31.

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