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Lewisville vs. Flower Mound - 2019 Week 5 Football Highlights

Flower Mound Head Coach Brian Brasil and his Jaguars took on Lewisville who played with heavy hearts after a JV player passed away earlier this week.

Pick this one up with 4:26 left and Jags down 3. Blake Short throws it up to Reid Touchstone who comes down with a Touchdown. Flower Mound up 27-23.

Farmers answer back. First Taylen Green rolls away from the rush and heaves it to a wide open Gabe Ellis for 62 yards.

Very next play, Green keeps it himself for the 13-yard score. Lewisville leads 30-27 with 3:01 to play

However, Jags drive to the 2-yard line and Pierce Hudgens in the Wildcat scores with 12 seconds left to win it for Flower Mound 34-30.