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Lewisville at Coppell - Texas High School Basketball Highlights

Coppell fans catching up on the local news before their 6-6A opener with Lewisville.

Farmers led by Keyonte George, but early on Coppell's Anthony Black showed no respect with this block and we're going the other way. That's where Brandon Taylor gets the layup to rile up the crowd.

Lewisville gets on track with K J Pruitt in the corner for a 3. Farmers trailed 18-17 after 1.

On the other side, Adam Moussa passes to Ryan Agarwal for 3 of his 21 points. Cowboys up 3.

But George would take over. First he gets it on the baseline, drives, scores and is fouled. Lewisville up a point.

Then he gets it through the double team and goes in for the stuff. George with 35 points and he would also score with 2 seconds left to give Lewisville the 62-61 win.