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Grand Prairie vs Waxahachie - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

A little Star Wars flavor before Grand Prairie took on Waxahachie.

First half, off the turnover, A J Russ locates C J Noland for the one handed stuff. 19 points for Noland on the night.

Nice little stretch for Waxahachie to end the first quarter as they would hit 3 3's in a row including B J Francis who scored 23 points and the Indians would lead 22-10 after 1.

Gophers used the second quarter to inch their way back in. This is Savion Red with the spin and bucket and Grand Prairie trailed by 7 at the half.

Early 3rd quarter, the Gophers would tie it up as Donald Ghostone would nail the corner 3. He had 19 as well.

Indians would get some key 3's from Russ in the 4th as they opened the lead back up to 10.

Then a little icing. Jalen Lake with the steal and the two handed jam. Waxahachie hands Grand Prairie their first district loss, 68-51