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Game of the Week - Sunnyvale vs. Melissa

Sunnyvale playing their second road game to start the season, hoping to pick up their first win.

Didn't start so great. 4th play of the game and Jake Taylor's pass is picked by Damon Youngblood. That's a pick 6. 2 picks for Youngblood and a receiving touchdown on the night.

Sunnyvale would tie it up when the second of 3 quarterbacks used by the Raiders, Max Mcada (meh-Cada) goes to Noah McDill for a score. 7-7.

Late 2nd quarter, Cardinals up 23-14, Sam Fennegan throws the pass to Jacob Kusano (Coo-sahn-o) and he gets away from his defender and it's a foot race. 81 yards for the score. Fennegan with 5 touchdown passes on the night and Melissa up 30-14 at the break.

Late 3rd quarter, after a Sunnyvale score, Carlos Branch fields the punt at the 4, makes a few moves and he breaks it.....needed to go 96 yards for the score...he makes it 92 before stepping out at the 4. Melissa would score on the next play. Cardinals coast to the 58-28 win.