Frisco vs. Lovejoy - 2021 Week 9 Football Whataburger Game of the Week

And the Leopards of Lovejoy were fired up for this one.

Pick things up 3rd quarter when Lovejoy QB Alexander Franklin hits Parker Livingstone with a perfect pass in stride, 69 yards later it's a Lovejoy touchdown, Franklin, a sophomore by the way, threw for 213 yards and 4 TDs.

Lovejoy keeps it on the ground here when Noah Naidoo slams his way for the score here, Naidoo finished with 133 rushing yards.

The Leopard defense was ready for this one, Frisco could do much of anything in this one, here Dillon Magee gets the big sack, Frisco finished with 126 total yards for the game.

Lovejoy would put this one away when Jaxson Lavender takes the little pitch, he only needed a yard and he would get it, Lovejoy goes on to the impressive victory over Frisco by the final of 38-15, Lovejoy head coach Chris Ross knew his team was prepared for these games way back in the offseason...