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Frisco Heritage at Frisco Reedy - 2021 Week 4 Football Highlights

At 0-3, Frisco Reedy was in desperate need of a win as they took on Frisco Heritage

The Coyotes didn't really care what Reedy wanted as they went right to work. Easton Swetnam 41 yards to Carsten Brewer which sets Heritage up in the red zone.

Couple plays later, Shawn Wara goes in from the 1. Wara rushed for 120 yards and a couple scores. Heritage up 11-0.

Coyotes driving to score again, but this time Swetnam's pass is picked off in the end zone by Will Rubalcava which flipped the momentum.

2nd quarter, Connor Ruff 4 yards to A J Jayroe and the Lions trail by 4.

Late 2nd quarter, here's Aaron Daniels going in from the 2 and Reedy loses that goose egg in the win column with the 35-25 victory.