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Arlington Martin at Arlington - 2021 Week 5 Football Highlights

- Arlington and Arlington Martin met at Choctaw Stadium last night, and the fans saw a wild first quarter...

- Down 14-0, Arlington's Ryley Zaluskey fires it DEEP to Adam Lemonds for a 49 yard gain, but he fumbles, and it's rolling and rolling until Isiah Williams catches up with it, and that's a touchdown to cut the lead to 14-7...

- But on the ensuing kickoff... it's going to be Zaire Barrow who gets ahold of the squib kick... he cuts it outside, and now HE'S off the races (camera guy jumps in front) ""excuse me"" There he is! Barrow with an 82-yard return and Martin is back up by 14

- The Warriors' run game was dominant all night... this is Sergio Snider getting free for a 41-yard touchdown, his third score of the night, all in the first quarter!

- Martin goes on to win big, 65-17