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Denton Braswell at Sachse - 2021 Week 3 Football Highlights

Virginia Tech commit, Alex Orji, leading Sachse against Denton Braswell. Down 7-0, Bengal Q-B Keegan Byrd not sure if he wants to give up the ball, but Kerry Lacey just pulls it out of his hands and it turns out to be the right decision. That's a 58 yard run to the red zone. Couple plays later, Byrd is more confident that he wants the ball and he takes it in for an 11 yard score. 7-7. When you're defending the Mustangs and Orji, you always have to respect his running ability, but in the 2nd qtr, Orji rolls right and throws a jump pass to Jhett (Jett) Creel on 4th down to give the Mustangs a 14-7 lead. Later 2nd quarter. Byrd connects with Ja'Ryan Wallace for a 21 yard score. The Bengals go on to the 38-28 victory.