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Burleson Centennial vs Mansfield Timberview - Texas High School Boys Basketball Highlights

Nice little dance party before the Mansfield Timberview boys hosted Burleson Centennial

Big night for the Wolves Joey Madimba (Muh-DIM-buh) he gets the steal and takes it coast to coast for 2 of his 31 points on the night. Wolves would trail by 5 most of the night, though.

Nice game for the Spartans Keryn Collins as he looks for an opening here and then explodes down the baseline for the reverse layup.

But the play of the night came in the 2nd quarter. This is the Wolves Jared Washington looking for the show stopping dunk by Tayton Connerway meets him at the rim with the we go the other way Connerway sees Collins all alone for 3......Bang. Collins with 21 points and Centennial wins 73-67