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Arlington Bowie Played With Heavy Hearts This Week After Losing a Player the Night Before the Game

The sights and sounds of Friday night football in North Texas usually bring about a certain energy - of fun and excitement.

But something about this one was different.

It was hard to escape the reality that one player who should've been on the field…was not.

Anthony Strather - number 46 - will never again stand beside his teammates.

It's rocked the community, including Ashley Villacorta, whose niece is on the drill team and was close to Strather.

Strather died Thursday after being shot during an altercation between several teens. Arlington Police say he lost his life trying to break up the fight.

On this night, it was clear who they were playing for.

Sophomore Joseph Singleton says Strather was somewhat of a mentor
And all the lights.

There were also heavy hearts banding together to heal from a tragedy that just doesn't make sense.