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Argyle at Lovejoy - 2022 Week 2 DFW High School Football Game of the Week

This was probably the only time this football was not in constant movement. I mean, this game was a scoreboard operator's nightmare

Let's pick it up mid 2nd quarter, Argyle is down 28-21, but their ground attack was just getting started. This is Landon Farris breaking off 38 yards to the 1 where the Eagles would tie it up at 28.

Still 2nd, Leopards now down 35-28, but Brayden Hagle connects with Parker Livingstone for a 20 yard touchdown. Hagle threw for 559 yards and 5 scores.

Eagles get the ball back, and Farris weaves his way into the end zone for a 11 yard score. He rushed for 233 yards on the night and Argyle up 42-35

Lovejoy driving, Hagle hits Kyle Parker for a 19 yards gain. Parker.....23 catches for 341 yards and 3 scores on the night....WOW!!!

That led to Matthew Mainord powering in from the 7. By the time fans got a chance to catch their breath it was 42 all at the half.

3rd quarter, after the Eagles recovered a fumble in the red zone, Jacob Robinson with play action to Hunter McFaul for the score. 49-42 Argyle

They would get the ball back and the snap is dropped. No worries, R J Bunnell scoops it up and heads to the house. 184 yards and 4 scores for him. Argyle rushed for 560 yards on the night as they beat Lovejoy 56-49 in an epic offensive affair.