Name, Image and Likeness Podcast Series

Need a new podcast to binge? Our Matt Harris takes a deep dive into everything name, image and likeness related. New NIL legislation allows for college athletes to profit of their name for the first time ever, a game-changing decision in college athletics. 

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But the NIL landscape is ever-changing, and the introduction of "collectives" could change how athletes are recruited. Matt explores that topic and more with several guests in this series.

The first episode is an introduction to what NIL is, why it was introduced, where it could be headed in the future and more.

The second episode features Hudson Standish, a recruiting reporter for Horns247. Matt talked with Hudson about what a collective is, why it is important, if it is a loop-hole in the current NIL structure or not and if it is here to stay or not.

The third episode features Shehan Jeyarahjah, a national college football beat writer for CBS Sports. Matt and Shehan talk about market correction and the consequences of athletes signing NIL deals, only to get benched or transfer. They also discussed if NIL has been a good or bad thing so far, how it can be improved moving forward, and how to proverbially toe the line between giving athletes as much freedom as possible and protecting them from those who might look to take advantage of them and how collectives tie into that.

The fourth episode features Claude Mathis, head football coach at DeSoto High School and former SMU running backs coach. They talked with coach Mathis about how he thinks NIL would have helped him recruit at SMU and how athletes’ ability to make money affects locker room dynamics. They also discussed how college recruiters have approached him as a go-between in a recruitment and how they’ve handled their NIL pitches with him, as well as what the ramifications would be of having NIL at the high school level.

The fifth and final episode features Joe Hoyt, a high school and college beat reporter for the Dallas Morning News. We reviewed collectives, the good and bad of NIL so far, what we think will happen with it in the future and how big of a role it plays in the active recruitments of high school and college athletes. We also discussed how the one-time free transfer rule has worked in conjunction with NIL rules to create havoc in this new era of college athletics.

Thank you to Hudson, Shehan, Coach Mathis and our go-to for everything recruiting, Joe Hoyt, for joining this podcast series. We hope y'all enjoy the unique perspectives each brings on this hot topic.

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