College Recruitment Podcast Series

The college recruitment process gets more and more complex with a constantly shifting landscape. One thing that never changes is that there are plenty of quality recruits that are over looked and under-recruited. This podcast seeks to determine the best ways for under-recruited high school athletes to jump start their recruitment and earn college scholarship offers. The podcast also discusses the role of for-profit recruitment services and if paying for those services is worth it or not. 

The first episode features Arlington Martin head coach Bob Wager. Coach Wager walks me through the process he and his staff have developed to help get their players recruited.

Shehan Jeyarajah was the guest for the second episode and he was an excellent interview for this episode because he is a national college football writer for CBSSports.com, which owns 247sports.com. Shehan knows all about the recruitment process and offered a few tips to under-recruited athletes to jump start their recruitment.

I interviewed a representative from Playing for Envelopes, a recruiting service, for the third episode in this series. Coach Greg Hoyd explained that his service was for more than just helping players get recruited, it’s also about helping those players find the best fit for them. Finding the best fit the first time around helps keep players out of the transfer portal. Thousands of players enter the transfer portal each season and hundreds lose their aid by not receiving scholarship offers from other schools.

The fourth episode in the series was unique in that I interviewed a formerly under-recruited high school athlete from Keller High School who was eventually put on scholarship at a Power Five university after walking-on. Connor Killian is now a graduate assistant football coach at Louisiana Tech University, so he has seen both sides of the recruiting game and offered the best insight, along with coach Wager, of all the interviews.

I interviewed Hudson Standish from 247sports.com for the final episode in the series. Hudson reiterated some of the points Shehan made, while also discussing the importance of having a clean social media feed with easy-to-find verifiable information and an easy to find handle.