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West Mesquite at McKinney - 2021 Week 6 Football Highlights

West Mesquite taking on McKinney North in district play.

Pick it up in the 3rd with the Bulldogs up a touchdown and here goes Jadan Smith around the right corner for 60 yards and the score. Smith carried the ball 32 times for 209 yards. McKinney North up 38-24.

But the Wranglers would tie this thing up. Still 3rd, Craig Dale rolls all the right and then turns and heaves it to his left where Gabriel Corona is there for the diving catch. This game would be tied at 38.

4th quarter, McKinney North gets to the 1 and you know who's getting the ball. Smith plunges in from the 1 to put the Bulldogs up a touchdown.

Late 4th and it's 4th and 10 from the 13. Wranglers going for it, but Dale's pass is knocked away by Luke Paley (rhymes with Haley). McKinney North would run out the clock and win it 45-38.