Waxahachie at Mansfield - 2022 Week 9 DFW High School Football Highlights

Waxahachie visited Mansfield Friday in a game for 3rd place in 11-6A

Down 17-3 at half, Mansfield had a rough start to the 3rd quarter. Sergio Kennedy's pass is picked off by Keith Abney who returns it 43 yards for a touchdown. Indians lead is now 24-3.

Next possession, snap goes way over Kennedy's head....he can't pick it up but Waxahachie can...they would later score from the 1. 31-3.

The Tigers would put together two scoring drives including this one in the 4th that ended with James Johnson scoring on a 16 yard run. 142 yards for him.

But Mansfield couldn't manage consistent drives all night due to the tough Indian defense. Waxahachie wins this one 31-20.