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Waco La Vega vs. Argyle - 2020 Week 14 Football Highlights

The Argyle Eagles were down in Joshua taking a Waco La Vega in a 3rd round Class 4A playoff game.

Pick things up with Argyle looking to add to their 7 point lead, Argyle's Tito Byce takes the handoff, gets a little lost in the pile but eventually he slams into the endzone for the 19 yard TD run to put the Eagles up 14.

La Vega claws back in when Jordan Rogers fights his way in for the score from 14 yards out, we're back to a 7 point Argyle lead.

But Argyle responds in the 4th quarter when CJ Rogers rolls to his left, can't find anyone and then decides to keep and leaps in for the touchdown, putting his Eagles back up 14 late in the 4th.

The Eagles put the W in the win column win, La Vega QB Ara Rauls has his pass deflected and then picked off by Jett Copeland, he weaves his way back and forth across the field, eventually gets taken down, and that would do it, Argyle gets the 28-14 win to move on to the 4th round in the 4A playoffs.